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Myth About See Through House

Is a ‘SEE THROUGH’ living room (meaning the main door facing a window or a back door) bad Feng Shui? Money come in cannot stay in the house? We met up with few clients whom will be collecting their keys in 2016 for a discussion about their Feng Shui needs and two clients simultaneously pop the similar question. We want to write and make it official. It is an MYTH. There is no such nonsensical Feng Shui rule or claim. To prove our concept with evidence that monies do come in and will stay in a 'SEE THROUGH' the house. We wish to direct all our readers to an article written by Cromly. (House Tour: Million-Dollar Home in Sentosa Cove) featuring a beautiful seaside house in Singapore Sentosa call ‘Fish House’. This house is a classic ‘SEE THROUGH’ and is owned by Billionaire Stephen Fisher. This house won the Architectural Design Awards organised by the Singapore Institute of Architects in 2010. To prove our point further that monies do come and do stay in a ‘SEE THROUGH’ house, we wish to introduce our readers to a television documentary series ‘Extreme Homes: Luxury Asia’. It features homes of millionaires and billionaires in Asia; a lot of these houses are ‘SEE THROUGH’. MYTH Busted. Photographs are from Cromly.

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