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Which Is The Door?

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Which Door Should Be Considered As The Main Door?

During an On-Site Feng Shui Audit in Jurong, the property agent for the house raises a fascinating question. He raised an issue which many house owners that have a balcony at home would have asked. Which door is the Main Door?

He explained, many of his clients engaged Feng Shui Masters to audit their house and each has their view of which should be considered the door. Some said the balcony and others the door. He is confused and raised the question not because he wants to challenge my authority but he sincerely wishes to gain the right knowledge, and I welcome that.

Let us do a little quiz, and I am going to give three examples, and we choose which is the Main Door in each example. After which I will reveal the answer and see how did we fare?

1st Example

The moment we entered this property, we are met by the dining area and then followed by the living room. The property is on the 4th floor. The balcony in this property faces an open field, no blockage and the gallery stretch a full width of the living room.

So which should be considered as the Main Door? Balcony or the door?

2nd Example

A good friend of mine owns property on the 1st level of a lovely condominium. His balcony stretches the full length of his property. The balcony opens up to the club house and swimming pool. He enjoys riding a bicycle and uses the little gate in the gallery to access the pool, gym and walk the well-behaved family dog. He uses his Main Door only to collect his car in the basement carpark. So which ‘door’ should be considered as the main door?

3rd Example

I have a client in Kuala Lumpur, and he lives in a huge bungalow. He has a formidable looking medieval times designed wooden door, but nobody in the house uses it. All family members and their guests access through the side door. Since he does not use the Main Door, he placed furniture behind it. From the street, the large medieval design door looks extremely impressive. Again many would ask, which should be considered the Main Door? Did I get everyone confused?

The answer is, the ‘Main Door’ is the Main Door is the 'Main Door' regardless you use it or not? Unless you seal up the Main Door and turn it into a wall and no longer in sight, the Main Door remains the Main Door.

In the 1st example, the only access to the property is the Main Door. Hence, the answer is straightforward.

The 2nd example is a little tricky, but the principle remains. Regardless you use your side door, side gate, balcony gate or back door more often than your Main Door, and the Main Door is still considered the Main Door of your house.

The 3rd example may have got many of us confused. Unless the Main Door is no longer in sight and the owner change the door into a wall, sealed up and plastered over with cement; the Main Door remains as the Main Door. The Main Door in this example is still the Main Door because it is not plastered over with cement and we still can clearly see the door despite that furniture is placed behind the door.

I Ching (易经) Feng Shui is straightforward and logical, do not be swayed away.

There are things known and things unknown and in between are the doors.

-Jim Morrison-

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