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We Have Been Shortchanged!

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

'Huh! you need so much time (4 hours or more) to Audit a flat?' This is what nearly all my client will comment when I told them about the time needed to perform my Feng Shui Audit. I am not surprised because even KK (My Husband) said the same thing.

Many years ago when I was just starting off on my own, I went to audit a 1000 sqft shophouse in Chinatown. I started my audit at about 7.30 pm by the time I completed it was already 11.30 pm. KK who was waiting for me at home was worried sick and extremely unpleased. (I turned my mobile phone off during Feng Shui Audit) How come you need so much time to do a Feng Shui Audit? How big was the shop.? You know or don't know Feng Shui?

KK grew up seeing his father consulting many Feng Shui Masters for his business. KK’s idea of Feng Shui Audit like many of us is a man coming into your house with a compass (罗盘), look around the house and made some comments.

Followed by asking the owner of the house to purchased an expensive auspicious Feng Shui item which has been officiated (开光 ) by Master / Guru to improve the wealth and business. All in all the whole Feng Shui Audit session hardly takes more than 30 minutes.


Having a Feng Shui Audit done for your house is the same as seeing a doctor. All of us have seen doctors before, and we know from experience that doctor ask questions, perform small tests on us (temperature, blood pressure, listen to your lungs, check your throat, etc.) Doctors do these because they want to know what happened and what is wrong with you so that they can diagnose and prescribe medication to improve your health.

Luck cycle is 12 years a cycle. Feng Shui Master need to determine your past 12 years to predict your next 12 years, enhance the upcoming good years and buffer the worst. How is the Master going to that? By performing Feng Shui in your house. But first, the Master MUST walk your neighbourhood (走外局). Without walking around your block with you. Your Master will not be able to diagnose your luck cycle correctly. No two ways about it, no shortcuts.

The things he sees, the incident that occurs, the noise that he hears, the smell that he draw breath during the walk provides information that is required for a professional and flawless Feng Shui Diagnostic.

All information gather during the walk are necessary for a good Feng Shui Diagnostic; unfortunately, this is a good practice but not did commonly.

Why does Feng Shui Master refuse to do the walk(走外局)? Reasons: Lazy, full of themselves, hard work, time-consuming, lacking the skill and knowledge (No Kung Fu.) There I go again, insulting and offending many Masters, but the public need to know the real Feng Shui. And again I know the public will stand behind me.

Hence, we encourage all homeowners to ask their Master will the walk (走外局) be provided in their Feng Shui Audit?

“You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.”

-Harlan Ellison-

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