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Say You, Say Me....

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

'Say you, say me;

say it for always

That's the way it should be

Say you, say me; say it together


Many would have recognised the chorus instantly as the famous song from Lionel Richie Say You, Say Me recorded in 1985 that won him Academy Award for Best Original Song and Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song.

I have heard many people including my husband replacing the words to Seng You, Seng Be (Save Oil, Save Rice 省油,省米) in Karaoke. No disrespect to Lionel. I am sure Lionel will not be angry if it is to a good cause.

We conducted a Feng Shui Audit for a client today and Jolly (Not her real name) told us, she had read all our Blogs and enjoyed reading them. Our Blogs provides her answers to all the myths and hearsay about Feng Shui. As Jolly is moving into a new house soon, she particularly likes the article 'Rolling A Pineapple Into Your New House'. Jolly asked, "how about tossing salt and rice into the house as part of the moving in ritual?" Her question inspirited me to write this Blog.

Rice and Salt are food, a sound and right-minded person would never waste food and hence, DO NOT TOSS rice and salt or food of any kind into your house as moving is a ritual. Wasting of food is a sin.

If your Feng Shui Master or Religious Guru advised you to toss salt and rice into your house, instead of tossing them, you might wish to bring a packet of rice and a packet of salt instead. I am not saying bringing rice and salt into your house is the right moving in ritual; I am just saying don't waste food; bringing in as a packet and you still can enjoy the food after you have moved in.

I once did an Audit for an Indian family, and I notice they placed packets of turmeric powder, red beans, green beans and salt in corners of their kitchen floor as moving in ritual.

I ask with great curiosity, why packets of turmeric powder, red beans, green beans and salt are on the floor? It is our religion practice came the reply. To understand the wisdom behind, I probe further. Why not toss them onto the floor? We cannot waste food, and we can still use them for cooking in the future came the reply. Well done, respect them for their wisdom and unwasteful behaviour.

My clients are advised on moving in a ritual that is suitable to them based on the direction of the door facing and their BAZI. Never will I advise my client to waste any food.

So let us all sing together.

'Seng you seng be, (Save oil, save rice)

seng (save) it for Always

That's the way it should be

Seng you, seng be (Save oil, save rice);

seng (save) it together

Naturally' “There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”

-Mahatma Gandhi-

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