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TAN SEA ! 等死! (Waiting for your time)

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Imagine a patient is diagnosed with cancer and the doctor advice him to start taking his medication on time, stop smoking, stop all alcoholic drinks, sleep early, have enough rest, drink plenty of water, cut down on meat intake and eat more vegetables.

The patient replied that I have been smoking for the past 40 years, cannot stop. I love my whisky, and I cannot sleep without having a few glasses, I must watch the 1 am drama every day before I can go to bed, I am a meat lover I don’t eat vegetable, and I only drink soda, I wouldn't say I like to drink plain water. The patient continues to ask the doctor; doctor do you have any stronger medicine that can cure my cancer?

There are only two kinds of people that seek for my Feng Shui advice. I shall portrayal these characteristics by giving you two real-life examples.

1..Want to be better.

Not so long ago, a politician from a neighbouring country flew me over to conduct Feng Shui Audit for her bungalow. The moment she realised that her collection of Crystal Balls (50 pieces) are in the wrong area of her living room. Without a second word, she commanded her two servants to bring out old newspapers, wrap them up and stored them away.

During the audit, I told her that Antique Chinese Teapots collections (100 of them) would be better to be on the other side of the dining room, instead of their current position. She picked up her mobile phone and called her carpenter to report in the afternoon to build her a new display cabinet.

This Feng Shui Audit took us 13 hours to complete. She was euphoric with our work and kept us for another two days to audit her office.

2. Wish it will be better.

Two days ago, we were invited to conduct the Feng Shui Audit for a flat that belongs to an owner of a small furniture shop. Her business has been in the red for the past six months, and she wishes to have a quick fix by applying Feng Shui.

She told me that her business is in a dire situation, her actual words ten 个洞9个盖。(10 holes to cover but only have nine lids) should things continue going south; she may have to end her business. This business is handed down to her by her father, and she is under much stress.

While conducting the Feng Shui Audit in her house, we discovered that her display shelf has many Old Magazines. They are in the wrong area of the living room. I advised her to take them down and put them in the display cabinet beside her dining table. She gave many excuses and reasons not to moved them. I explained the goal to shift these magazines, but she still refused to do it.

She has a portable standing fan in the living room which she rarely uses; I told her to move it to the far end of the living room because the fan is in the wrong area. Again she protested and gave many excuses not to touch the fan. I explained to her why she has to shift the fan, but still, she refused.

Feng Shui is not magic.

Attitude is everything.

A man may engage the best Feng Shui Master, but with a terrible attitude, he will still struggle in life.

“It is good people who make good places.”

-Anna Sewell, Black Beauty-

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