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Updated: Apr 26, 2020

KK (Husband) and I were eating our favourite Mee Pok for our late lunch The stall owner sat down and had a little chat with us and we discovered that he shared the same surname as KK (Siaw). This surname is very rare. The stall owner asked about our profession, and one thing leads to another we start analysing his Chinese name. "How can you tell so much about my past from just examining my Chinese name? Amazing." He said. Many folks have visited Feng Shui Masters of all levels. Some Feng Shui Masters are situated in or outside temples, some in their residence, some in a shop and some in a posh office.

Regardless of the venue that they conduct their business, all Feng Shui Masters are using the same method to gain your acknowledgement and remove your scepticism. How do they do it? They do it by analysing your mobile number, name, date and time of birth (BAZI), name card, facial, palm, car plate number, a serial number of all your procession, floor plan, etc. to clear off any of your scepticism and demonstrate their knowledge to gain your confidence in them. Feng Shui Masters read into your past. Only by begin accurately describing your past will you believe in what the Feng Shui Master has to say about your future. This procedure is the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for all Feng Shui Masters. What happened after the reading of your past is accurate? You will listen attentively for information about your future. What happens if the Feng Shui Master predicted some rough road ahead in your near future? Now you have two choices: 1. Continue to do nothing and see whether the Feng Shui Master is accurate about his predictions. See the Master Zhun (准Accurate) or not? or 2. Ask Feng Shui Master for a solution to address the predicted downfall or difficulties. Follow the given advice. I am confident that you will make the right choice. However, there are some Feng Shui Masters that are so accurate in describing your past but cannot or do not provide any solution to solve your issue. They will tell you he/she cannot disclose Heavenly Secrets (天机不可泄露) then you know it is the time for you to seek a more knowledgeable Feng Shui Masters.

Skepticism is the first step towards truth.

-Denis Diderot-

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