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Old Habits Die Hard

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

KK used to tell this story, today I shall share the story with everyone. A little girl is curious about what her mother is doing in the kitchen and went to find out. She sees her mother making dough for bread. She watches with her curious eyes and asks many questions about baking. Just before her mother put the dough into the oven for baking, her mother cut some dough off (about 2 cm) on both sides. The little girl got a little curious and asked why do you do that mummy? Do what? Said her mother. Cut 2 cm of dough from both sides before putting it in the oven? Said the little girl. Err, I also don't know. I just follow what your grandmother did when I was learning to bake from her. Maybe you should go and ask your grandma. She picked up the phone and called her grandmother, asked the question, got the answer and hanged up. Walked into the kitchen and told her mother. The reason grandmother cut the dough off at the side is because when she married grandpa they were poor and they can only afford a small oven, so to be able to place the dough into the oven, she has to cut the side of the dough away. Now that our oven is big enough there is no need to cut the dough away anymore. So what does this story tell us? We want to be in our comfort zone, doing things we are used to. Maybe it is a habit; maybe it is how we were taught to do things etc. The way we behave is a pattern, our 'pattern'. The reason I insist on doing a final audit (2nd audit) for my clients when they have moved into their new house is that they do things based on their 'pattern'. Often they place their procession wrongly when they moved into the new house. Hence, when I do the final audit, I can help to change their pattern to create a harmony and conducive living environment.

All fixed set patterns are incapable of adaptability or pliability. The truth is outside of all fixed patterns.

-Bruce Lee-

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