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What Makes You Think You Deserve It?

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Jenny and I just finished our facial treatment and decided to GRAB a taxi to meet our husbands for dinner. As we board the cab, we were greeted by the driver, and our destination was confirmed verbally.

Just as the taxi was pulling off, my phone rang, and I notice the Taxi Uncle lowered the volume of his radio. I thought that was very considerate of him. It was KK (My husband) that called me, and we chit chat on the phone for a minute (we spoke in Mandarin). After I hang off my phone Jenny and I started talking in Mandarin, I notice the Taxi Uncle switching the channel of his radio from 90.5 FM to 97.2. Did the taxi driver just change to a Chinese radio station to accommodate us? Jenny and I looked at each other and nodded our head with approval, and we were impressed.

Few minute into the ride, when Jenny and I were not in a conversation, the Taxi Uncle start to engage us in a conversation. He said he just bought some sweets and wanted to share some with his passengers; he gave Jenny and me two sweets each. He said ‘Chia Heng Heng la’ (Eat for luck). Free sweets from a Taxi Uncle, that’s a first, again we were impressed. We opened the candy’s wrapper and ate them. As we were thinking where do we dispose of the wrappers, the Taxi Uncle offered to dispose of the wrapper for us as he has a little plastic bag beside the passenger seat for wrappers. That was thoughtful.

In our conversation, he told us he has been driving for 20 years and was awarded the best taxi driver award last year. He even proudly shows us a photo on his Samsung Galaxy Tab that is hanging on his windscreen. Good of him. Jenny and I clapped in the taxi to congratulate him. With the excellent service, we experienced in the whole journey he totally deserved it. Keep up the excellent service Taxi Uncle.

In my line of work, many people come to me to seek my advice to improve their luck, enhance their popularity, increase their chance in getting the promotion, improve their marriage, improve their relationship, etc. Now ask ourselves this question. What have we done to deserve better luck, more popular, getting that promotion, improvement in our marriage and our relationship?

Did we put in the extra effort to make things better or we simply wish things would be better? Feng Shui is not magic, and we need to do our part us well. Stop thinking that Feng Shui Masters are Fairy Godmother or Wizard with a magic wand.

After your house has done Feng Shui Audit, does not mean crossing the road you need not look out for cars!

Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.

-Napoleon Hill-

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