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Tears At The Sight of Coffin 不见棺材不流泪

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

I was having coffee with my Feng Shui Classmate, who is also my insurance agent. I asked him what kind people are motivated to purchase an insurance policy from him automatically? He told me people that have seen their friends or relatives terminally ill or met with a terrible accident; bolted down with the medical bills and struggling with life. After seeing the hardship that their friends or relatives are going through or will be going through, these people are the most motivated to purchased an insurance policy from him. He threw the question back at me. What kind of people automatically engage my Feng Shui Audit Service? People that want to be better than their current situation and people that wish their current situation can be better, I told him. He looks lost and asked: What are the difference? The first are people that will take my advice, do the necessary changes and work towards becoming better. The later are people that hope and wish that things will automatically change and their life become better, the only thing they did was hope and dream. They want a miracle to happen but don't want to work for it. Very often we become anxious, desperate and start to pray when things get a little rough, tough and beyond our control. Why don't we do the necessary and necessity before things get out of hand? Don't we all want to be confident with life? Do we need to wait till we are in our death bed before regretting not taking care of our health? Do we need to be in a dire situation before regretting not doing the things we know we must do, but we never did? Last month I audited a house for a couple, and they are a self-made millionaire. During the audit, they took notes, took photographs, moved, shifted their furniture instantly and threw away unwanted, broken, empty items immediately, etc. I realised their secret to earning their millions, ACT NOW! (马上行动!) For those who knows about Feng Shui, this house has four missing corners, not ideal but they are a millionaire because they have a habit, a habit that is stronger than Feng Shui. ACT NOW! The house owner told me his story. When he got this new flat from HDB in 2003, he was in a dire situation. SARS outbreak forced him to close his shop and ended his business. Before SARS, he was running his own F&B business and have a staff strength of twenty. But SARS took everything he has away in a blink of an eye. He was unable to renovate his new flat and have difficulties paying his housing and car instalment. He even went to see the HDB official to request to be downgraded to a three-room flat. With all the odds working against him, he was determined to make things work. He started to source for other business and work. Doing plumbing and selling water filtration systems, taking on two jobs to make ends meet. His hard work, determination and positive attitude pay off. Soon the water filtration business becomes profitable, and he was making money. After the experience he went through in 2003 SARS era, he learnt his lesson. He saves 50% of his monthly earnings. Only when you have a high bank balance can you weather through a rough time with confidence he told me. He has since paid off his housing instalment in 2010 and accumulated million dollars wealth. Your life is in your hand, take control of it.

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.

-William James-

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