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Auspicious Date / 良辰吉日

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

We were at a family gathering when one of our aunt who has one stout too many, making a comment: "Everyone picked an auspicious date to get married, so did I. Why did my marriage end in divorce?" It is a practice and customary for soon to be a married couple to pick an auspicious date for their ROM and customary wedding. Everyone wishes their marriage is the same as all fairy tales……. and then, the beautiful Princess and the handsome Prince lived happily ever after. The End! So long we are married on an auspicious day, we will live happily ever after? Hmmm? Having an auspicious date is to give newlywed a headstart to happiness. Win at the starting point, this is good, positive and obtainable. For a marriage to be sustainable, both parties have to be committed, work hard together on their relationship. Marriage is not the end of courtship. Apart from picking an auspicious date, we firmly encourage newly wed to hang their wedding photographs, photos that they took during their courtship and pictures of them and their offspring on the wall of their home. Read our Blog:小三 (Mistress) to learn more about hanging photos in your home.

-When one must, one can.-

Charlotte Whitton

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