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水火冲?Water & Fire Clash?

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Comfortably seated in a beautiful showroom escaping from the torrid noonday sun and enjoying an excellent cup of water; our client James and his wife have invited us to help them choose a condominium unit to be their matrimonial house. A housing agent with polite manners of an old English gentleman who is looking forward to sealing a fair deal shows us around his opulent showroom. James and Jennifer are both very excited. As we were walking into the luxurious kitchen, we overheard a concerning potential buyer expressing her uneasiness about the kitchen sink is in the opposite direction of the hob to her housing agent. Isn’t this bad Feng Shui? She continues to grill her house agent. Don’t your interior designers know that Water Element and Fire Element will clash? She put the screws to her housing agent who is tormented by her inquiries is lost for words? Both house agents must be thinking that their chances of closing a deal have dwindled by this boorish potential buyer. After we had viewed the showroom, we sat down and James burden by the questions we heard in the kitchen asked me for my take on the issue. She is correct to say the kitchen sink belongs to Water Element and hob belongs to Fire Element. However, we need to consider the cardinal which the sink and hob at. (N, S, E, W, NE, NW, SW & SE) Each cardinal has its element as well. The kitchen sink can be on N, E, SE, SW & NE of the kitchen. The hob can be in the S, SW & NE of the kitchen. When the kitchen sink is in the North of the kitchen, and the hob is located in the South of the kitchen they are opposite of each other, but it is perfectly fine for Feng Shui. No ‘Water Fire Clash’ as mentioned by the lovely but uninformed lady. Now our housing agent is more upbeat about his situation after I had explained and asked, Master what happened if the kitchen sink or hob are in the wrong location, are there any remedies? Yes, of course, there are remedies, and it is very easy and cost little or nothing. No need to hack and revamp the kitchen, I assured James and Jennifer with a smile. Water Element: Refrigerator, Washing Machine and Toilet. Fire Element: Oven, Stove, Microwave Oven and BBQ Pit.

“Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn.” -Benjamin Franklin-

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