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Storage Solutions / 储存方案

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Given a choice, I think everyone would like to have a big wardrobe, and if it is a Walk-in Wardrobe, we will be extra delighted. But BTO and new condominiums has no luxury of space, so what can be done to improve the capacity of our storage area? Storage Bed seems to be a good option. But is it good Feng Shui? Usually, we would not encourage anyone to have any items stored under their bed, don’t want any of the Yin Energy and Items under your bed to disturb the sleeping quality. We have a client, a retired SAF Officer and he kept his Ceremonial Sword under his bed.... hmmm. That is a terrible idea. It is an open secret that my grandmother kept her money under her mattress, we firmly recommend you not to follow her method. Allured by the likes of Taobao, Amazon and Qoo10 pampering us with tonnes of merchandises, shopping online are both therapeutic and convenience. With all that shopping we need storage space. Storage Bed is a compelling alternative we cannot ignore. Hence, given the circumstances, we advise anyone that wish to have a Storage Bed to do the following: 1. Keep the portion that is below your upper body empty. 2. If there are drawers, store only items that are used daily (e.g. Bath Towels) under the portion below your upper body. 3. Keep the storage area clean and tidy. "Hoarders are not rich folks, and rich folks don't hoard." This is a statement we emphasised during an interview with Cromly. Hence we would like everyone to tidy up their house for good Feng Shui.

The more storage you have, the more stuff you accumulate. -Alexis Stewart-

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