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Your House’s Feng Shui Is Your Diary / 您家的风水就是您的日记

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Mr Tan, from the year 2006 to 2008 did you experience an annual improvement in your personal life, work life and financially? Ugh! Master, how do you know? I have not given you my BAZI. Indeed, I started working the year 2006 after graduation. I worked as a sales executive; I was paid good wages and commission. I was also able to supplement the household expenses. Allow me to continue asking you a few more questions, in the year 2008 was there a significant change in your career? Yes, Master! I changed my job in the year 2008, I was being headhunted by an MNC from Thailand and went to work in Bangkok. Master, I'm curious. How did you know I had a career switch in the year 2008? Hold your horses, let me ask you a few more questions. In the year 2009 & 2010, your work is very stressful, you are always throwing tantrums, the effort you put into your job does not give you your desired outcome, isn't it? Oh my God! Master, how come you know so much about me? We had never met, and this is the first time you come to my home! How did you know my past? Do you have some form of supernatural power? Don’t be anxious. Let me continue, in the year 2011; you are very stressed at work. In the year 2012 your luck changed for the better, you had good fortune, work life and family life are ideal and had an outstanding year. But in the year 2013, work begins to give you a lot of pressure, not to your liking, isn’t it? In the year 2014 and first half of 2015 you are also not happy at work, right? You changed your job in the second half of the year 2015 and from then on till 2016 life is much better compared to previous years, am I correct? Yeah, that two years was a disaster, I had a terrible lady boss, suffered a lot working under her, bad luck. Master, can you please stop letting me guess, tell me how come you know so much about my past? Your house’s Feng Shui is your diary. From your home decor, your house’s surrounding environment, the floor plan of your house, etc. plus your seniority in your family, I can immediately and accurately analyse your past 12 years or even longer history. Based on your past, I can predict your future 12 years of fortune. I have no supernatural power nor 3rd eye. I'm just very lucky to meet a great teacher (Teacher Huang Youyi). From his selfless teaching, I learned about I-Ching Feng Shui, knowledge that was passed down from our Chinese ancestors 8000 years ago. After begin trained in I-Ching Feng Shui, I can analyse the surrounding environment, read your past and predict your future. It is the same as a well-trained doctor mastering the skill of interpreting an X-ray. You and I are not trained and hence we cannot analyse the X-ray like the physician. I-Ching is Science, I-Ching is wisdom, I-Ching is a treasure from our Chinese ancestors.

陈先生我跟您对应一下,您2006年到2008年逐年逐年的在生活、工作上和经济方面都有进步是吗?唉! 师傅您是如何知道的,我没有把我的八字给您呀?的确,我在2006年毕业后进入社会,第一份工是当行销员,工资和提成都很好,也可以帮补家用。

那我再跟您对应一下, 您在2008年工作上是不是有一个很大的转变?是呀师傅! 我换了一份工作,2008年被泰国一家跨国公司猎头后到曼谷上班。师傅我很好奇您是如何知道我在2008年有一个大的转变?您先别急,我再跟您对应一下。2009年到2010年您的工作很压力、经常发脾气、付出很多、可是回报却不大,是吗? 神呀!师傅您是什么知道我那么多事呀?我们不曾见面,这是您第一次来我家呀!您是如何知道我的过去?您可有神通?

不急不急,我再跟您对应,在2011年您为工作付出了很多、很压力。2012年您的运势不错、工作、家庭等等都很理想,甚至有所突破。但在2013年工作上又开始受到很大的压力、不顺心是吗? 2014年和2015年前半年的工作运也不是很理想对吗? 2015年后半年换了工作后到目前2016年比起往年好了很多是吗?是呀,那两年遇到跟母老虎一样的变态老板,吃尽了苦头、被折腾的不见天日、倒霉。师傅您就不要在卖关子了好不好?跟我说您是怎么知道我这几年是如何过的?

您家的风水就是您的日记,从家里的摆设、周围的环境、房子的格式等等再加上您在家里的辈份就可以马上准确的知道您过去12年甚至更久的历史、并且可以藉由过去的运势来预测您未来12年的运程。 我没有神通也没有第3只眼、我只是很幸运的遇到一位很好的老师(黄有易老师)在他细心无私的教导下,我学会了我们华人祖先8000年留下来的易经风水学术的知识。掌握了这门学问,就好像医生掌握了分析X光图一样,虽然是白黑灰,你和我都看不懂,但医生却可以从X光图看出我们身体里的毛病,这是因为医生有受过培训。当我掌握了易经风水的知识,便会分析周遭环境的能力。懂易经风水就可以从您家的风水里解读您的历史和预测您的未来。 易经是科学、易经是智慧、易经是我们华人祖先留给后代的宝。

Memory... is the diary that we all carry about with us. -Oscar Wilde-

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