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Bad Peach Blossom / 烂桃花

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Celine, can you please remove the dried flowers bouquet from your bookshelf.

Sure Master.

Master, may I ask you a question? You wanted me to remove these dried flowers is it because they will attract Bad Tao Hua (烂桃花 Bad Peach Blossom)?

No, Celine please don't believe all the myths and folk tales. The reason I asked you to remove those dried flowers is that they are dried and no longer a living thing. I don’t wish to have anything that has passed its life to be in your house.

So Master does that means I also cannot have fake flowers in my house?

No, Celine. Artificial flowers are never a living thing; hence they are beautiful to be used as a décor. Artificial flowers will not attract Bad Tao Hua to you or your husband. As a matter of fact, artificial flowers can be used to enhance your health, improve your family’s relationship and working platform.

Oh, in that case, Master can you please teach me how I can improve my relationship with my hubby? We have been married for 15 years, he still cares and love me a lot, but there are no more sparks in our relationship.

Sure, you can place the fake flowers in the South of your room to enhance your relationship. To achieve the best effect, use red, pink, orange or purple colour artificial flowers.

To enhance the health of our mothers or improve our digestive system, you can place fake flowers in the Southwest of your room.

To improve your working platform, you can put the fake flowers in the Northeast of the room.

Remember not to use White Fake flowers in all the above enhancements. Please do not think that after you have placed fake flowers at those areas you do not have to work on your relationship, do not take care of your health and be lazy at work. OK?

Yes, Master. I know we have to work hard on our goals and that nothing will fall from the sky.

Thank you, Master

You are welcome. Let's continue our audit.

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.

-Mignon McLaughlin-

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