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Metal Rice Bowl?/ 铁饭碗?

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Is Singapore on the Verge of a Recession? A question asked by Yvonne Man, a reporter from Bloomberg Television on "Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia." Bloomberg's David Roman answered “Yes if one more quarter of contraction and there is a possibility of a recession. “ Bloomberg also reported that our economy contracted 4.1 percent in the September quarter from the previous three months, according to preliminary data released by the trade ministry. All the numbers don't look good; I hope Bloomberg is wrong on the figures, but I know I am just kidding myself to think that way. Agnes came for our I-CHING Feng Shui Floor Plan Analysis three weeks ago, and she shared with me her concern about her employment. This day there isn’t any more such things as a metal rice bowl. That’s the past, even for folks working for the government said, Agnes. Agnes is working for the government and is on a contract, and her contract renewability depends on her KPI and many other factors beyond her control. She is worried and felt helpless. I am sure many working adults are kept up at nights worrying about their job security. So how can we use Feng Shui to help improve our working platform and enhance our career? The remedy is very easy and inexpensive, place a table lamp or standing lamp in Northeast of your room. Candles, red roses, sunflowers are also good if putting a lamp is a challenge. All fingers crossed and sincerely wish our economy will pull through.

Years ago, I noticed one thing about economics, and that is that economists didn't get anything right. Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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