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Medicine Keep Where?

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Pardon me for the Singlish title. It is a concern which I wish to address and help. Falling ill is but of life, and we need medication to help us recover. However, where is an ideal place to store our medication and first aid box? During our On-Site Feng Shui Audit, we notice many families will put their medicine by the bedside for easy reach and often on the dining table as well. Households with a newborn baby will also place their Yu Yee Oil by the baby cradle. To help our kids sleep better or breathe better during sleep, many mothers apply Vick Vapo Rub and simply leaves it by the child's bedside after usage. These are not a suitable place for storing medication. So where should we keep our medication? (Vitamin and medication are alike.) In the kitchen and if the situation permits, store them in the cabinets or drawers on the North side of the kitchen. I Ching Feng Shui classified kitchen as the symbol of a family’s health and North symbolised water. Medication is classified as water hence the correct place to store all medicine is in the North area of a kitchen.

“Best Medication is seeing my other smile” Patrick Kato

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