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History Repeats Itself

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

I held back from sharing on this topic because many will not understand and may even find it weird or superstitious. After discussing with KK, I decided to share on our blog and see what kind of respond we will have from our readers.

Our luck cycle is twelve years one period, similar to our Chinese Zodiac. No point giving you theory, I shall elaborate with real life example.

Paul just got his keys to his new condominium, but his happiness was quickly diminished the moment he entered his unit. From his beautiful master bedroom's window, he could clearly see a hospital bed with cables and live monitoring equipment on the opposite block.

Is it bad Feng Shui to see a hospital bed from our house’s window? Apparently, a very ill person is living in that unit, and we are empathetic about the kind of stress and hardship the family is going through. But is it bad for Feng Shui?

Paul was clearly disturbed by the view and I wanted to help him overcome it. After positioning my Luopan 罗盘 (Feng Shui Compass) in his master bedroom, I asked him a few questions.

“Did you fall ill in the year 2008?” I asked.

“Yes, master I fell and broke a bone. Needed to be hospitalised,” replied Paul.

I continue to ask him “Did you fall ill in the year 1996?”

Paul looked me in disbelief and replied, “Yes, I had to be hospitalised for dengue fever. “

Joanne (Paul’s wife) asked: “How do you know about Paul's mishaps in the year 2008 and year 1996?”

I replied: ‘History repeats itself, 12 years a cycle. Hence may I suggest you don’t involve yourself in any extreme sport or travel to an area with the epidemic outbreak etc. in the year 2020.”

Paul did not know about the hospital bed when he was hospitalised in the year 1996 and year 2008, and hence clearly the hospital bed does not have any mystic power that resulted in Paul's double misfortunes and therefore been able to see a hospital bed from one's window is not a bad Feng Shui. Then what does the hospital bed represent? To a well-trained and experienced I CHING (易经) Feng Shui Consultant, the hospital bed is a message, a message which can be decoded, analysis and for prediction.

Therefore, we must not be superstitious but be scientific. Once we are knowledgeable of I CHING, we see the world in an entirely different perspective.

I came, I saw, I conquered.

Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar

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