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Wonder Pill.

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

We are living in an era of Fast Food, Fast Transfer, Fast Weight Loos, Fast Track Programs, Fast Download, etc. We got so used to getting things Fast that we are abusing the system and set a very high standard for ourselves and this would lead to unnecessary stress. The expectation of getting things quickly has become the status quo of today's world. We were listening to the radio program while driving to our destination for an On-Site Feng Shui Audit and the DJs were sharing about their life after leaving school. Their path to becoming what they are today, fame, good income, travelling the world, etc. All of them went through a very tough career path, none started off in the entertainment industry and made it straight away. All had to work the ladder and even switched career a few times before becoming a household name. Almost everyone wants to live the Singapore’s Dream. The 5 Cs. Car, Condominiums, Cash, Credit Cards, Country Club. As I was writing this Blog, I read that Bs has replaced Cs. Billionaire, BMW, Bank, Boss, Bungalow; but that is beside the point. The DJs mentioned about the mindset of today's young Singaporean, wanting to fulfil their Singapore’s Dream. And they want it FAST, and it jolly well is instant. When young school leavers applied for jobs and been turned down, they felt their Singapore’s Dream is over, their world crumbled. When the road to success is bumpy, they get upset and discouraged. But we forgot that even Steve Jobs had setbacks, and so do many successful people. Hence who are we not to have any setbacks? How well are you prepared for your success? The saying goes ‘Success are for people that are well-prepared 成功是给做好准备的人.’ Many seek for Feng Shui consultation for quick success. So how prepared are you to your success? Feng Shui Masters help improves your house’s Feng Shui to elevate your chances of success. But that is only the Yang 阳 side of things, how about the Yin 阴 side of things? Which are your hard work, dedication, focus, sacrifice, etc. Try sitting at home and not do anything after you have your Feng Shui done in your house and expect to be wealthy, healthy, famous, etc. We all know that is impossible. Without the Yin 阴 side of Feng Shui, Feng Shui will not work. We still need to do our part, to live the Singapore Dream. Feng Shui is not a wonder pill.

A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.

David Brinkley

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