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人缘 Popularity

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

One of the most frequent requests from our clients doing business is to help them elevate their current business situation. They want to reach the next level, the next pinnacle.

Apart from improving their Feng Shui via enhancing their office placement and sitting arrangement, etc. we also tell them to work on their popularity (人缘).

Don’t get me wrong; I am not asking them to work on their peach blossom (桃花).

Very often we realised that people that are super successful are not necessary the best-looking people (personally I don’t think Jack Ma and Bill Gates are good looking), but they are popular. Have you asked yourself why they are successful, and how did they achieve it?

I saw a documentary about Hong Kong business magnate Li Ka-shing many years ago, he was attending his company’s outdoor event, thousands of his employee were there, and a reporter asked him:”Mr Li, why all these people want to work for you? His answer was simple, “Because they like me.”

Improve our popularity equals to growing our business.

There are a few things we can do to improve our popularity.

1. Stop complaining, grumbling and nagging. 2. Take an interest in personal hygiene and grooming. 3. Tactful and genuinely generous with praises.

We have started the list, do continue to work on the list and work on your popularity.

When people laugh at Mickey Mouse, it's because he's so human; and that is the secret of his popularity. Walt Disney

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