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How To Sell A Comb To A Monk?如何把梳子卖给和尚?

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

A sales teacher was conducting a sales training for Alibaba’s sales staff; the subject was: 'How to sell a comb to a monk?' Jack Ma was just passing by the classroom and took curious of the training progress and peeped in; after listening to the teacher for a few minute, he had the teacher dismissed.

"When you sell a product to a customer that he does not need, you are deceiving the customer." Claimed Jack Ma.

We were discussing our style of Feng Shui and procedures of our On- Site Feng Shui Audit over tea with our clients, and they popped the question:” You don’t believe any of the auspicious Feng Shui items?”

A good Feng Shui consultant must be able to use the existing furniture and belonging of the client to enhance their Feng Shui without asking them to purchase any auspicious Feng Shui Items.

Are these auspicious items valid and are they able to boost the Feng Shui?

Yes, if they are well designed and placed in the appropriate area.

For heaven's sake, if you are selling hair tonic to the ‘Botak Head’, at least be kind enough to share with him how to use the hair tonic? Is it to be applied or to be consumed, how many times a day and at what quantity, etc.?

Often shopkeepers sell these auspicious items without teaching the consumers where to place them. Wrong placement of this auspicious items may result in dire consequences.

Experience is like a comb that life gives you when you are bald. Navjot Singh Sidhu

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