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Updated: Apr 26, 2020

During a bimonthly forum, my classmate shared that his insurance client engaged a Hong Kong Feng Shui Master to draw the Cardinal Points for their new house. His client provides the reading from a compass, and the drawn floor plan was fax over from Hong Kong without the Master stepping into the new house once. They paid a whopping S$6,000.00 for it.

We encourage our potential clients to meet up for a short discussion and a floor plan analysis before engaging our service. We always tell our potential clients, meet up, like our style, willing to commit time and effort before signing up.

One topic which I love to share during the discussion is an actual floor plan from one of our client, every time I show our potential client this floor plan, a common question will always be raised. “How comes it is like that?”

After we have taken the Cardinal Points Reading based on laser guided equipment and Luopan (罗盘 Chinese Feng Shui Compass) in our On-Site Feng Shui Audit, we will transform the Cardinals Points reading onto the floor plan.

Based on the floor plan, we will be able to direct our client and their interior designer on the placement of furniture, electrical appliances, personal belonging and interior designing, etc. to enhance their Feng Shui.

Our potential learned clients will realise that the Cardinal Points in every room of the house might vary, some by as much as 180⁰. They are always surprised; they have never experience science like that, not even in school during a practical science lesson.

Reading of Cardinal Points will be affected by magnetic fields. The magnetic field in every room of the house may vary, and the result from reading the compass will differ.

Conscience is a man's compass.

Vincent Van Gogh

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