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Open Concept Kitchen

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Lately, we received a few enquiries about having an open concept kitchen design from new BTO flats owners.

Among the common concerns of these new homeowners who wish to have an open concept kitchen are: will an open concept kitchen affect my family's wealth, will an open concept kitchen affect my family members’ health, etc.

The kitchen is an important area for all household, we clean, prepare and cook our food in it. A well-designed kitchen will bring convenience to the homeowners, and delicious food will delight all family members.

Open Concept Kitchen is perfectly fine for Feng Shui. No loss of wealth and will not have an ill effect on the household’s health when all placements of furniture, appliances and features are characterised by five elements and place in the correct cardinals.

The best way to get rid of kitchen odours: Eat out.

Phyllis Diller

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