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Zoo or Chinese Temple?

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

House owner has spent many hours, hard earned money and working hand in hand with their interior designer to create their dream home. The last thing they want is a Feng Shui Master turning their house into a Zoo or a Chinese Temple.

In our recent Feng Shui speaking event (next one is on 1st April 2017), an audience raised the concern that kept new house owners from engaging Feng Shui Service.

Sometime Pagoda, Pixiu (貔貅), Qilin (麒麟), Long Gui (龙龟), Chanchu (蟾蜍), Amethyst Cave, etc. useful they may be, but they just don’t seem to be able to gel into modern interior design. Can you imagine a beautiful minimalist living room and suddenly a pair of Pixiu at the entrance of the house or an Amethyst Cave sitting on the coffee table as a centrepiece or a Chinese flute hanging on every beam of the house or a calabash (葫芦) hanging on every window? No self-respected, decently trained interior designer that is proud of his creation will approve of it.

Hence the million dollar question is can we have good Feng Shui without making our house look like a zoo or a Chinese temple?

Yes, we can. There is no need to purchase any of these auspicious ornaments and still be able to achieve a balanced, good Feng Shui house that is modern and people oriented. Visit us on our next speaking engagement or floor plan analysis to learn more.

Interior decoration partly thrives on being social.

Nicholas Haslam

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