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Common Sense (Part 2)

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

After 9 hours we finally completed our On-Site Feng Shui Audit, Datin Hidayah asked if we could stay another day to help audit her daughter's nail salon in Bukit Bintang? A joint venture between two friends who set up the business as a hobby

‘Many shoppers, but no business. Three months already, every month lose money’ said Datin.

We arrived at the mall at one pm on a bright Sunday afternoon, people and cars filled the mall. Location of the nail salon is near the escalator, and on the second level, good walking traffic, good shop front but why business is not doing well?

There are only two customers doing pedicure while reading their magazines. Soon we realised why the business is not doing well; as we were setting up our equipment to read the environment I saw a big fat ugly cockroach crawling on the nail polish rack!

As I alert Farida and Anisah of the situation, Farida freaked out, jumped on to the pedicure chair, Anisah also loses it and leapt onto the manicure table, knocked over the manicure dryer and panicked the cockroach and set it flying.

I dodged my head from its flight path, and it continues to glide towards the customers. One of the customers put her magazine down and saw the horrible creature flying towards her, went ballistic, screamed on top of her voice and ran out of the salon with horror; the other customer tripped over the sink landed heavily, struggled to pick herself up and fled the salon on her knees.

The commotion in the salon alerted the shoppers outside, and they stood to see the whole brouhaha with keen interest.

The maelstrom only came to an end after our brave Master Sharon took some tissue paper and crashed the disgusting creature to end everyone’s misery. Never had Master Sharon in her life think that she need to double up as a pest control.

Both terrified customers refused to return to the salon to finish their pedicure, left with their nails half painted in a hurry. We would hear their acrid remark as they descend the escalator.

I think the salon needs an excellent cleaning staff more than a Feng Shui Consultant. The management and staff also need to take pride in what they are doing; no one will visit a dirty establishment and business will never be good.

The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment. Marie Kondo

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