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Human Traffic

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

People, people, people, you cannot live without them, you wish you can be part of them, yet you want to keep a distance from them, and you can never be alone because you are a social creature.

Pardon the less than perfect rhyme, wrote this blog at 2 am in the morning.

Hamish came to see us for a free floor plan analysis, and he has a concern.

Before seeing us, he attended a Feng Shui talk organised by his condominium's Facebook group. The Feng Shui Master that his group engaged told them that the block that is directly behind the MRT station has terrible Feng Shui.

Hamish’s unit is in that so called ‘Bad Feng Shui Block’.

I asked him, what he does for a living? He replied he helps his parents manage a chain of noodle stalls in coffee shops and food courts.

So I asked him to name me one of the most important elements attributing to successful sales in his business.

Hamish replied without hesitation, human traffic.

The more people visiting the coffee shops and food courts will result in higher chances of diners eating his noodle. It is a number game.

I ask Hamish was his business doing extremely well in the year 2014? Hamish proudly replied: yes, and we even expanded from coffee shops to food courts. The year 2014 was a very fruitful year for our business.

Master, how do you know our business was doing well in the year 2014? Hamish asked?

MRT Station is where many people will gather to commute, and human traffic is excellent. Your block is on the north side of the MRT station, and hence I was able to predict that your business is doing well in the year 2014.

Don’t worry about what the other Feng Shui Master has to say about your block. He probably just wants to sell you some auspicious items after he painted a frightening scenario to you.

What helps people, helps business

Leo Burnett

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