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Be A Man

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

BE A Man

The above statement is made famous by internationally renowned Canadian comedian Russell Peters. However, the encounter I had last weekend in our Free Floor Plan Analysis was not that pleasant.

Koh and his fiancée, Janet came for our free floor plan analysis; we were able to read that Janet’s luck has been regularly hitting the rough patch since 2015, and this adversity will continue until the end year 2017. She is at her lowest point of her life. Betrayed by close ones, friends and colleagues, lost of job, financial stress, fights with family members, etc.

Janet is nodding her head in acknowledgement but at the same time very surprised that we can read so much about her from their house floor plan, and they have not even moved into their matrimonial home.

Janet wants to improve her luck and life by engaging our services; she politely and respectfully asked her fiancée for an opinion. Janet is a mature lady and is more than capable to make the decision herself, but she wanted the moral support from her fiancée. However, Koh’s reply took us aback. Koh wants to ask his parent for permission if he can engage our services. Janet twitched her lip, sank into her chair, crossed her arm and remind silent throughout the rest of our analysis.

Do you need permission from your parent to support and help your fiancée out of her misery? Can I comprehend Janet’s disgusts and disappointment? Yes, and I will be equally upset should I be treated the same by my hubby.

Don’t get me wrong; it is not that Koh did not engage our services that irritate me; it is his unwillingness to love, comfort, honour, protect and provide for his wife to be that exasperated me. Come their ROM day, will he take his marriage wow seriously?

Only A Man Who Doesn't Love Himself, Mistreat The Woman Who Loves Him R.H Sin

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