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Avoid These Houses At All Costs (Part III)

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

These designs are ridiculous, what were they thinking when they were designing the buildings?

Colin is a Senior Architect from a reputable architectural firm, we just met at a networking breakfast for the first time, and I took the opportunity to grill him like a criminal. Judging from his facial expression, Colin must have regretted coming for this event. I don’t mean to be rude but why do architects design houses that are of odd shapes?

I continue to explain to him why the unusual shape is terrible for Feng Shui or what ill effects they will have on the occupants. As the pictures shown above, these flats are in odds shapes, and they have many missing corners. Definition of Missing Corners is the position that is missing to form a square or rectangular shape in the floor plan.

For example, if the Northwest cardinal of the house is missing, money comes and go; ladies living in the house may have challenges getting a male companion.

Hence, friends who are house hunting beware and be cautious.

Come and visit us with your floor plan for a 1-on-1 free floor plan analysis to find out more about your house.

I don't like laziness or cutting corners.

Victoria Beckham

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