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The Dark Side

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Oh My God! I cannot even see my hand!

It is 9 am, bright and sunny day, and we are conducting an On Site Feng Shui Audit for Susan’s newly purchased resale flat. But her flat is so pitch-dark that we needed to turn on the lights for the whole house. The corridor leading towards the bedrooms is in total darkness as all the bedroom's doors are shut.

Why is her house so dark? What effect it has on Feng Shui and her luck?

Susan’s flat is on the 2nd floor; giant, tall mature trees surrounded her house. These trees are blocking the sunlight from coming through the windows and hence resulted in the house being dingy.

The colour combination for the house is not helping the situation at all. The previous owner painted the wall khaki colour and grey colour for the ceiling, dark green colour floor tiles and black colour for kitchen cabinets.

Living things are Yang, and non-living things are Yin. Bright is Yang and dark is Yin. Safe is Yang and danger is Yin. Healthy is Yang and illness are Yin. Happiness is Yang and sad is Yin. Need we say more?

Hence should you wished to purchase a property, it would be wise to seek a second opinion from an environmental analyst. After all the fee your pay for the service is infinitesimal compared to putting your million of dollars, luck, family harmony, health, etc.on the line.

I sometimes have a tendency to walk on the dark side. J.K Rowling

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