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No Need Your BAZI (八字)

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Master, how come you don’t need our BAZI, and you can read our luck cycle, characters, lifestyle, etc. from our floor plan? Furthermore, our house will only be ready in the year 2022.’

The above questions would be the quintessential every time we do a floor plan analysis for a potential client.

So how come we do not need your BAZI to analysis or audit your house’s Feng Shui?

BAZI is the year, month, date and time of your birth. The history of BAZI is about 5000 years old and only in AD 960 thereabout that a scholar named Xu Ziping founded the clear theoretical basis of the system and perfected it. BAZI soon became popular for analysing a person’s character, destiny or fate.

Feng Shui, on the other hand, is environmental analysis and dated back 8000 years or more. Through keen observation and knowledge of Yin Yang, Eight Trigrams and Five Elements of your house surrounding, we can read your characters, your luck cycle, relationships, etc.

So why does it matter to know your past? Isn’t Feng Shui supposed to do prediction and fortune telling, etc.? History repeats itself, to know your future, look into your past.

Equipped with the knowledge of your pattern we can push your ups cycle higher and cushion the downs period.

So come and visit us for a free floor plan analysis.

History never really says goodbye. History says, 'See you later.'

Eduardo Galeano

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