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Updated: Apr 26, 2020

"Enough, enough, can you SHUT UP!

SHUT UP! SHUT UP! You are so bloody NAGGY!

Should I have known, you will be so naggy after our marriage, I would have not…"

A survey conducted in the year 2015* the cited that nearly 50% of divorced men and 27% of divorced women in Singapore said nagging or complaining contributed to the broken marriage.

The million dollar questions are can Feng Shui spot and prevent or improve the situation before the newly wed moved into their matrimonial house? For existing home owners, can Feng Shui help to improve this dilemma? If the answer is yes to the above two questions, everyone would be interested to know how can it be done?

Having your house audited before renovation or decoration is important, Feng Shui Consultant will advise the sleeping position for the couple. Sleeping in the wrong cardinal is the number one cause of nagging. Placement of furniture and appliances are also necessary to prevent quarrelling and improve tact.

A simple wall clock hanging at the correct cardinal will improve the graceless speech habit, and when the television is at the wrong cardinal, it increases the chances of a row.

Getting registered is easy, getting a divorce will be messy and costly, have your new matrimonial house audited by a good Feng Shui consultant before renovation to avoid adversity is wisdom. Come to our Free Floor Plan Analysis.

Till I was 13, I thought my name was 'Shut Up.' Joe Namath


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