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Who Doesn't Want to Have a Smart Kid?

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

The examination is nowhere near, but it is always at the heart of every parent. Asian children are always very stressed up with the never ending tests and examinations.

Can Feng Shui help to address this concern?

What can a parent do to iron out this traumatising issue?

During my Feng Shui talk and floor plan analysis last month, I met a house owner that has been living for 20 years in a house that has a very awkward shape. After analysing his house, there is only one good thing about it, the children in this house will do extremely well in school, completing a university education is like a walk in the park. He nodded with the agreement; he is an NUS honour degree holder, apart from that his family and himself have many family’s issues illness, job loss, and marital issues, etc.

So what must parent take note when choosing a new property, that will provide an unfair advantage to your children’s educational journey because of better Feng Shui?

Does the direction of the bed and the study table has anything to do with the children’s school result?

Houses that have a kitchen in the South Cardinal, generally the children do better in school.

To find out more about what can Feng Shui do to help your kids academically, do visit us for a one to one 30 minutes floor plan analysis.

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.

Frederick Douglass

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