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They Are Not Security Guard

Dear devotees, your GOD is not a security guard.

Very often when we are conducting our Feng Shui On-Site Audits, our client will ask where can they place their altar? Most people have the wrong perception that their god must face the front door.

When you ask them why must their god be facing the door? The standard answers are my parent say-so, or we grew up seeing our parents doing it.

So where should the altar be? It depends on which god are you worshipping?

For example, Mother Mary can be in the West, North West, East, South East and South West Cardinal of the room. Lord Ganesha can be in the West, North West, North and South Cardinal of the room.

Hence if your God is looking at the door and you are not sure is it correct, come to see us for a free floor plan analysis.

God himself is not secure, having given man dominion over his work.

Helen Keller

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