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Face The Wall

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Houses are getting smaller; space planning becomes a challenge.

One of the greatest issues is to have a study table for the kids in their bedroom.

We as a parent always want to provide the best for our children and what is a good place for them to study? We have many teachers as our clients, and I took their advice. Let your kids study in the dining room or living room. The benefits are that you can monitor them while you are doing your household chores, build bonding among siblings, bedroom are for sleeping, etc.

For the parent that wishes to have a study table in the bedroom, you can let your children sit facing the wall.

Facing the Wall?

Yes, facing the wall. Don’t have to worry about not getting support (靠山) when your back is a space. Everyone in my family has a study table against the wall, and we are all facing the wall or window. Our very respected Feng Shui teacher, Grand Master Huang also sits facing the wall.

The important thing is the cardinal the children are sitting in. For example, the first son and first daughter can sit in East, Southeast, North, Northeast and Southwest of the room. The Cardinal is most important the facing is not.

Home is any four walls that enclose the right person.

-Helen Rowland-

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