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No Need To Pray!

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

A rail company in Japan apologised on Tuesday after one of its trains departed 20 seconds early. Even though no passenger complained. The train management company issue an official apology on its website: "We deeply apologise for the severe inconvenience imposed upon our customers."

In the same week, our MRT had an accident, and 36 commuters were injured.

After the incident, there was a photograph that is circulating in the social media showing that our Minister invited religious leaders to offer prayers to our DTL3 MRT System in September this year:

"We invited religious leaders from the Inter-Religious Organisation, Singapore to have a preview of two stations and also to try out a stretch of DTL3. They were gracious and took the opportunity to offer their prayers for our workers and commuters.”

There is a very different mindset from the two managements. One work backbreakingly to ensure the standard is up kept and very apologetic when the standard is below par. On the other hand, our leader depends on religion to make sure things don’t cock up.

I am not an atheist, I have all the respect for these wonderful religious leaders and not doubting their prayers and power.

BUT, I firmly believe that GOD will only help those that helped themselves. We must work hard and NOT work hard to pray for the best! 我们应该努力把工作做好而不是努力把神拜好!

The same concept applies, Feng Shui is not magic. See Feng Shui also need to work hard.

Quote of the day:

Prayer indeed is good, but while calling on the gods a man should himself lend a hand. - Hippocrates-

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