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Going 'LIVE'

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Everyone knows that Feng Shui is an 8000 years old environmental studies. Despite this ancient wisdom, we at CIRCLE 96 wants to be at the forefront of technology, keep up with times, be forward thinking and modern in our practice.

In our many speaking engagements, we share that Jesus and Buddha will be using social media and taking aeroplanes to pitch their faith if they are still alive today. This is to illustrate that we should not fall into the trap by blindly following the manuscript written hundreds or thousands of years ago and is deemed outdated in today’s world.

Never had anyone in Singapore tried to do a Feng Shui Analysis Live on Facebook.

While that day is here, we are going LIVE this coming Saturday 25th Nov 2017 at 1500 hrs on our Facebook page. #LiveFengShui

We will analysis five condominiums based on the map provided by street directory. We will ask participants to tell us which block they live and we will read their luck for the past twelve years, the character and health of their family members as well. Regardless they have moved in already or not.


The five condominiums are d’Nest, Sol Acres, WanderVale EC, Signature@Yishun, & Westwood Residences.

Quote of the day:

Nothing beats a live performance. Nothing. -Jonathan Demme-

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