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What's The Crack?

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

‘Timothy, I notice your mobile phone screen protector is cracked; you may wish to remove it first and get it change the moment you get a chance. ‘I said, while conducting a final audit for him. Timothy took a look at his mobile phone and replied ‘Oh, it cracked since last month after I dropped my mobile phone, but it does not interrupt the function of the mobile phone. Hence I did nothing to it improve the condition.'

KK used to work in Europe and spend a reasonable amount of time In Ireland. He told me the Irish are fun loving people and are always on a lookout for a joke or two; when Irish meet each other, they would ask each other ‘So What is the crack?’ Which translate into ‘what is the joke here’? Crack as in cracking a joke.

Having a cracked screen protector and “What is the crack?” as an expression are two different things. We are very particular about cracks, chipped, torn, broken, not working item. It is not positive. We should never have any of these imperfect items in our house or possession.

Let’s take the mobile phone for example; mobile phone belongs to the Fire Element; which also symbolised relationship, contract, heart, blood, eyes, breast, second daughter, south cardinal etc. Oh, not forgetting 4D, Toto, Big Sweep etc. also falls under Fire Element. It would not be in anybody’s interest should the above mentioned are not in a positive situation, is it?

Chinese Lunar New Year is near, and it is about time we start our spring cleaning, take this opportunity to remove any item that is not in a positive situation out of your house. Regardless the cost, sentimental values or attachment you have with them. It is because the cost of not removing them is more significant than having them around and negatively affect you and your family members.

Quote of the day:

Must is a hard nut to crack, but it has a sweet kernel.

-Charles Spurgeon-

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