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Smile You're On Camera!

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Back in the 80s, to qualify as a 5 Stars Hotel, Close Circuit TV (CCTV) is a prerequisite. However, CCTV is now a standard feature on our little island. Singapore police force has installed 62,000 surveillance cameras in HDB and MSCP, 11,000 more surveillance cameras will be established by the Year 2020.*

Working parents with stay home kids are installing CCTV at home for peace of mind. It is probably not for prying into the privacy of the helper or fellow family member(s), but CCTV does act as a deterrent to irresponsible behaviours.

Do you know that CCTV is also an excellent auspicious Feng Shui Item?

For example, when installed in Southwest cardinal, the digestive system of all family members will be enhanced. Established in the South cardinal the heart condition of all family members will be improved. Installed in the Northeast cardinal the upper limbs of all family members will be enhanced.

CCTV is Fire Element; we can only fix them in the South, Northeast and South West Cardinal of your house.

Should you wish to learn, more about what other house electrical appliances are also auspicious Feng Shui Item does visit us for a free floor plan analysis this weekend.

Quote of the Day

Surveillance breeds conformity. -Glenn Greenwald-

*The Straits Times JUL 11, 2016,

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