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It's A Bloody Con Job

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Originally, NASA astronauts, like the Soviet cosmonauts, used pencils, according to NASA historians. In fact, NASA ordered 34 mechanical pencils from Houston's Tycam Engineering Manufacturing, Inc., in 1965. They paid $4,382.50 or $128.89 per pencil. When these prices became public, there was an outcry and NASA scrambled to find something cheaper for the astronauts to use.

According to an Associated Press report from February 1968, NASA ordered 400 of Fisher's antigravity ballpoint pens for the Apollo program. The AP later noted that both NASA and the Soviet space agency received the same 40 percent discount for buying their pens in bulk. They both paid $2.39 per pen instead of $3.98. *

One of our interior designer client Tyran passed a referral to us for a floor plan analysis. Jackson and Patricia just tired the knock and will be collecting their keys to their matrimonial house soon and are eager to learn more about their house’s Feng Shui.

We met Jackson and Patricia, and they shared with us their awful experiences finding a proper Feng Shui Consultant. Recalling one instance, they showed the floor plan to a consultant, and they were immediately persuaded by a fluent but insincere and shallow consultant to purchase a crystal for S$8000 as a remedy to counter the ill Feng Shui from the expressway that is near to their house.

First and foremost an expressway is not all ill Feng Shui, it is just a little noisier and dustier. We shall leave the discussion about expressway Feng Shui for another day. Let us discuss buying auspicious Feng shui Items.

These unscrupulous and unethical, wolf in sheep's clothing salesperson whom their mothers weren’t proud of are just trying to con you. Maybe my language is a little stiff on them, but there is no necessity for anyone to purchase a stone for an exorbitant price when sometimes a simple pot of fake plant from Ikea that cost S$4.90 will do the same job.

They are taking advantage of our ignorance; we are most gullible when we are desperate or when fear and greed take over isn’t it?

Quote of the day

A tax cut to compensate for a tax increase is not a cut - it's a con.

-Tony Abbott-

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