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‘Who’ Is Important

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

We were conducting a Feng Shui Audit in our client new house, and the following was our conversations.

Me: June, you are a young and educated person, what makes you want to Feng Shui your new house? June: Master do you remember I called you a few months ago and spoke about not begin able to sell my flat? Me: Yes, and how is that related to you wanting to have your house Feng Shui? June: You did not try to close us to engage your service instead you asked me a simple question, and it set my husband and me thinking, and we took your advice, and our house was sold. Me: You want to help me out? What did I say? June: You asked me is it the issue of the property or is it the issue of the property agent? Me: Yes, and what happens? June: We have been using this agent for a year, and our house has very little viewers, don’t even talk about offers. We changed a new agent, and for six months the same things repeat itself. Me: You were trying to sell your property for 1.5 years and no results? June: Yes, so after hearing your advice, we decided to source for another agent. This time around we look carefully, interviewed him and asked for his success rate, experience etc. Me: And what happened? June: We managed to sell the house in a short time, and he is an excellent agent, dedicated, committed and focus. Another agents only post on Property Guru; he went beyond that and did many marketing and back-end work for us. For example, writing to the authority, strategise the selling tactics and price range etc. Me: WOW, that is awesome.

June: My husband and I do believe in Feng Shui, and we want to work with someone we are comfortable with and capable of helping us.

Me: Thank you, I am flattered.

Lesson learned, used only vendors that have track good records, ethics, specialities, etc. Very often it is the who that is more important than the what?

Quote of the day: You see, God helps only people who work hard. That principle is very clear. -A. P. J. Abdul Kalam- Like what you read? Like us on our Facebook.

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