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Self Punishment

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Many tourists visited Taiwan are persuaded to buy a pair of Pixui (貔貅) or Qilin (麒麟). Seller will insist they must be a pair cannot be one. Claim to be for good fortune and drive out evil demons, block evil spirits, fetch wealth, etc.

Some even advice the ignorant buyers to roll a dollar note and place it in its mouth and place the Pixui or Qilin facing the main door so the Pixui or Qilin can help them go and bring back the money.

It is this black sheep trader that humiliates 8000 years of Chinese Metaphysic and Chinese Wisdom.

I am not against buying Pixui, Qilin. However, I have never asked my any of my clients to purchase one. Should you wish to buy, you can only one or more than two Pixui or Qilin; they can not be a pair. A pair of Pixui, Qilin, Longgui, Tianlu, etc. is self Punishment (自刑).

Now ask yourself a simple question, when your mouth is full are you able to fill it with any other things?

If the answer is no, then why you want to fill your pet with dollar note and expect it to bring you more money? Is it possible?

One of my teachers always says ”Common sense is very expensive”.

These ancient animals don’t have to face the door. They have to place in the West cardinal and only west cardinal. Regardless it is facing the door or not.

Every item has its characteristic, and we have to observe the law of nature, the law of their energy.

This year is the year of a dog, dog and these creatures are not friends. Hence you need to keep them and only display on or after 5th February 2019.

Quote of the day:

Greed is not a financial issue. It's a heart issue.

-Andy Stanley-

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