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Win At The Starting Line

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Me: What is the main reason to see Feng Shui?

Vivian: We have been married for many years (12 years), but we have no children, we wish to have children.

Me: Are you both medically healthy? Have you seen doctors about it?

Vivian: Yes we had seen doctors, and we are told we are okay and that is what begins bothering us. Good health but no children.

Me: Do you have any pet at home?

Vivian: No, we don’t have any. We read your blog on pets, and hence we register to come and see you today. (

Me: Good, lets analysis your area and floor plan.

Vivian: We also read your blogs on Missing Corners, and we are a little concern. (

Me: Well, based on your floor plan there is a small missing corner……

Above is the conversation with our client and when we visited their house the missing corner is not the cardinal that will affect their family planning, and hence we advise them to go on a holiday.

Yes, go on a holiday to make a baby or two. We are all living in a fast-paced society, we are always stressed and bothered. Too many distractions and this is not helping the reproductive part of our life.

Many have heard of the saying ‘win at the starting line’. Well, may I suggest you both check into a 5 stars hotel or resort and do your business. This will enhance the nobility in the child.

Have you seen children that are extremely good looking and has an air of graciousness in them? Bright looking and full of positive energy. Just like an aristocrat. Don’t you want your children to be like that?

What are you all waiting for? Go online and book that hotel. Good luck and have fun.

Oh yes, CIRCLE 96 wishes you a Happy Mother and Father’s Day 2019.

Quote of the day:

In the past, people were born royal. Nowadays, royalty comes from what you do.

-Gianni Versace-

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