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What About Fake New?

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

When I was studying for my diploma in a private school more than 25 years ago, I had an Indonesian classmate new to Singapore and its culture that is very observant and asked me an amusing question with I was unable to address.

Why is there an orange colour comb in every boy’s back pocket? I wasn’t able to give her a right answer. I thought that is the norm, as every male would bring a comb with them when they are out of their house. These days you see less of such behaviour or is it because I share the same hairstyle as Dwayne Johnson and I don’t take notice of people with orange comb anymore.

Recently I attended a conference and made a sagacious and goodhearted man (Tom) with almost the same hairstyle as me, well ok maybe not, I have to give him credit. He has a few strands of hair more. He is at his advanced stage of the crown and frontal baldness. He carries the same hairstyle as our all-time favourite James Bond Actor, Sean Connery. And he has an orange comb in his back pocket.

Why would he need an orange comb?

In that same conference, there was a topic about Patterns. The speaker (James) told us that we are the result of our pattern, our habit create the pattern and our life will end up the with the outcome of our pattern.

For example, when a person wakes up every morning, he drinks two big glasses of warm water. That becomes a habit. This habit is his pattern, this pattern has a result, and that is he is able to clear his bowel easier. As compared to another person that doesn’t drink anything when he wakes up in the morning. Which is also a habit and this is his pattern, and this pattern resulted in constipation.

Hence, based on the speaker’s theory Tom is carrying an orange comb in his pocket because it is a habit and not because he needs them. I was able to resonate with James’s theory so well that I when to speak to him. I shared with him that, as a Feng Shui consultant we also analyse the pattern of our clients’ house, the environment that his home is in and with this information, we are able to read his luck cycle, health condition and character.

Your habits determine your pattern, and your pattern will result in the area, shape address of the house that you will buy.

So the conclusion is, Tom, carries his orange comb is a habit. A habit since young, maybe Tom did share the same hairstyle as Donald? I will try to find out does Donald carries a comb when he comes here next week.

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Quote of the day:

To understand is to perceive patterns.

-Isaiah Berlin-

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