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Updated: Apr 26, 2020

”I didn’t expect the result to be so fast and positive things happened”. Said SH when we visited her for a final audit, two months after we did her first.

The question we are often asked by potential clients is “How soon can we see the result?”

“Immediately. Once you change your environment to a positive one, positive energy set in and things will change quickly.” I replied with confidence.

Allow me to explain further with an example. Imagine you are one of the students preparing your ‘O’ Level examination and you are given two choices of place to study. One is under your HDB block, and one is in Starbucks. Which one would you pick?

When I was growing up in Singapore, during the examination period many students would go to the airport or McDonald's to do their preparation. These days we can see many students at Starbucks, McDonald's and the library.

I speak with confidence that most would pick Starbucks, why? This is because Starbucks provide a more comfortable and better environment. Air-conditioned, good lighting, free Wi-fi, good food and drinks, nice sound music and more excellent toilet etc.

Hence when you engage a proper Feng Shui consultant and improve your living environment, positive things happen immediately. No need to wait seven to eight years. Change your environment immediately, changed your Feng Shui instantly.

Word of caution, go to Starbucks and play games on your mobile phone will not give you a good result. Meaning to say Feng Shui is not magic, after audit and you stay at home hoping that money will fall from the sky, this will never happen. You still must work hard.

Quote of the day: Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success. -Shiv Khera-

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