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Many Food and Beverage outlets claim that they use the best ingredients for their food. How many of these F&B outlets live by this promise? How many short-sighted top managements will eventually think that food cost is too high and start to cut corners?

I remembered once I was approached by a concerning client that has just invested into taking over a restaurant, he wants me to audit his restaurant. After I know the address of the restaurant, Master Sharon and I visited the restaurant without informing the owner. Turn out that the food is good, and business is profitable, all table were taken during mealtimes. I turn down my client’s business because there is no need to see Feng Shui when food is good, and there are many diners.

It is no secret that I love to eat fried carrot cakes. It is also no secret that I would wake up as early as 4.30 am to queue for it. Let me share with you the mystery of a Fifty-year-old experience hawker. Fifty years cooking the same carrot cake, many three-generations of her fans are still coming back for more—all willing to wake up before the sun comes out for this delicacy. By 9.30 am, she is cleaning her stall and ready to leaves.

Aunty Alice, as she is famously known to her loyal customers, only uses Knife Brand cooking oil for her carrot cake. Ask yourself this question, how many hawkers or restaurants you have seen use good quality cooking oil? Many F&B outlets use oil that comes in a large rectangular metal tin.

Another secret many do not know, even her most loyal fans may not know, Aunty Alice only uses black chicken egg. Black chicken is uncommon and costs more. But Aunty Alice’s egg supplier will go the extra mile to gather enough black chicken egg for her. The black chicken egg does not just taste better; they are also a healthier choice. But the black chicken egg is more expensive.

So, when many F&B owners are grumbling that business is challenging and food cost are high, profits are thin. Etc. Our Aunty Alice spares no expenditure in giving her customers the best ingredients. Oh, the real secret in her carrot cake is her patient to let the fire do the trick, “Good things need time.’

Quote of the day:

Tasty food no needs Feng Shui, Feng Shui cannot make your food delicious.


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