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Ananas Comosus

We were attending an online training when our teachers shared their office renting experience. It just got to show that the misunderstanding towards Feng Shui and the gullibility of the public is so intense that many imposters are making easy prey.

The teachers were saying that they had so many troubles moving into the new office; there was a miscommunication regarding the electrical power meter installation and electrical wires installation etc. that caused them money and precious time.

It was so bad an experience that the two weeks free rental for minor renovation and moving in period is not enough to cover their monetary loss due to their misinterpretation of the rental contract.

Then one of their students came forward to offer them help by introducing them a ‘Feng Shu Master’ (FSM) The FSM recommended that they pray to the 土地公 (God of the Soil and the Ground) and throw a pineapple into the office as a remedy and prosperity.

The two teachers followed the FSM instruction and did what was told. So according to the teachers, it was smooth sailing after. The renovation, moved in was smooth, and everything is good till today.

Well, we were unable to hold back anymore and voiced out. ‘Why throw only one pineapple if throwing pineapple will make you rich? You should throw two lorry loads. You mean after the praying to God of the Soil and the Ground; the God will come and install the electrical meter for you?’ Master Sharon asked.

You and I know very well the electrical meter still must be installed by a craft man; the two Teachers still have to work very hard to make good money just like everyone else. However, they were willing to pay the FSM money for doing nothing to improve their future.

The reasons I claim that my two Teachers are scammed are that there is no religion involvement in Feng Shui. Taoism has a history of about 2520 years. Feng Shui is well over 8000 years old.

Ananas Comosus is the scientific name for our humble pineapple that reached God status. Pineapple originated from South America, and throwing a pineapple into the house will not make you rich if you continue to be lazy. But not throwing a pineapple into the house but works hard towards your goal is the only way to achieve your wealth.

I think you will agree that ‘Ong Lai ‘and Ananas Comosus do not have a common sound alike.

Quote of the day:

Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.

-Lucius Annaeus Seneca-

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