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Our Prime Minister just went on the television to break the news to us that the Circuit Breaker is going to be extended to 1st June 2020. Additional 29 days of confinement for everyone.

In my many WhatsApp groups, a few of my friends are complaining about the loss of freedom and social life. I can understand as I am also trying very hard to adjust to the confinement. With the continuous soundtracks of my children’s noise and the constant crying from my neighbour’s kid, I cannot say I am in a sanctuary.

I support with both hands up for the extension. The confinement is the right thing to do in the fight against Covid 19. We must take the pill and bite the bullet to set things right.

May I ask a question, have you got any friends or know of anyone that forbid their maid to leave the house during the tenure of their employment? Is this correct? Some may argue that you are doing it for the best interest of the maid, protecting her from the bad people that are out there.

Can you imagine she has to face the family for two whole years without any breather? No or little me time. Confinement of little less than two months and we compliant. Some maids must put up with their unreasonable owners and difficult family members for two straight years. I wonder how their mental state will be.

Tai Ji is round and has no sharp edges, the black and white coming together without any conflict. Chinese like to dine on a round dining table, and it symbolised reunion. Promoting harmony in our family. I felt confining the maid is not promoting peace and tranquillity in the family. Just my two cents worth of thoughts.

I can only write when all the children in the neighbourhood go to sleep. Peace until tomorrow morning. Hang in there, folks. The good news is the date of liberation can be seen on our table calendar. The last day of confinement for some maids is not even printed on the calendar.

Sharon Fong and KK Siaw

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