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Con Artist

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

I am so infuriated by today's On-Site Feng Shui Audit that I must write this to vent my frustration.

Three years ago, Jenny and Kaden were getting married, collecting the keys to their new house and were looking for an interior designer and a Feng Shui Consultant all at the same time.

They did not use us as they were in a very tight budget. We understand and wish both of them all the best.

A week ago, they called us again, we did a floor plan analysis for them, and they are happy, and we made an appointment for today to audit their house.

Jenny and Kaden also shared with us that they did engage another Feng Shui Consultant three years ago to look at their home, one that was within their budget, but things don't seem to be going well.

As I was in the kitchen auditing the common toilet, I asked why is there no mirror in your bathroom? How is Uncle (their father) going to shave? Kaden took out a tiny mirror from the storage below the basin and showed me.

Poor uncle must hold a pathetic looking mirror to shave every day. Can you imagine the inconvenient it has caused this older man all these years? The reason is that the Feng Shui Consultant before me warn them not to hang a mirror in the toilet as it is terrible for the family.

To that Feng Shui Consultant, this is for you #%@&%$!

Pardon my lack of vocabulary for describing swindler. This is the typical type of bad apple in my trade that is a bloody con artist. This imposter is what makes my profession not recognised as a science. They should be prosecuted. Every time I come across this type of issue, it just makes my blood boiled.

Feng Shui is a tool, a tool for people to use to better their living condition. Not caused inconvenient to our daily life. Do not be a slave to Feng Shui.

Question your Feng Shui Consultant when they say something that is not logical. You have the rights to ask questions, ask why cannot do this? Which year will it be bad for my family? Which family member will be affected, and which body parts will be affected? If the Feng Shui Consultant is not able to provide a satisfactory answer. Fire him/her!

Do you remember the story, The Emperor's New Clothes? People beware, there are many swindlers out there praying on your weakness.

Feng Shui is simply common sense if you like our style of approach to Feng Shui, visit us for a floor plan analysis to learn more about your property.

Quote of the day:

You can’t tell if someone is a con artist from his hairstyle. Trump is an example.


Image by Image byxreschfromPixabay

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