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A female friend of mine, an entrepreneur, build her business from nothing wrote an open resignation letter in Facebook addressing it to her son. She wants to resign from her motherhood after a week staying home with her son doing Home Base Learning (HBL). She cannot take the stress anymore.

My insurance agent friend wrote on the group chat, “We are ok with the extended circuit breaker. But please allow my children to go back to school.”

Class 95 FM, the Muttons in the morning received a private message from a parent saying “It is not 24/7 anymore. It is 24/29. Additional 29 days of HBL!” They cannot take it anymore.

A Chinese lady friend of mine, an entrepreneur that sells her products online via WeChat, send me a photograph showing a bucket full of canes. She asked me where she can get some. I refuse to tell her and try my best to talk her out of caning my nephew ‘Niu Niu’. I almost fell off my chair after reading her reply. “It is not for me. Many of my customers looking for it and ask me to help them order online. I need to make a bulk purchase.”

Many parents are now complaining about how difficult it is to guild their children in HBL. They are stressed up with their children at home too long. These are their flesh and blood, their love, their pride. Today it is their round the clock source of blood puking. The bad news is you cannot sell your children because it is illegal, and I can assure you there are many sellers but zero buyers in this current situation.

So, parents the question I have for you all is? Do you appreciate our Teachers enough? Do you not find that Teachers are the most crucial person in your life now? Second to our mother, of course. Sixteen days into confinement, many caved in. Imagine what kind of nonsense the Teachers must put up with your children? Teachers are the real superman, aren’t they?

I have many Teachers as my client. There are two things they hate to their guts. First, the amount of paperwork that is involved outside their teaching activities. It is a total put off.

Second, to put up with complains from insensitive, think they know it all, lack of respect to a certain point rude, snobbish, ridiculous, fool of a Took parents. In short idiotic parents. (The name-calling is from me, not from my Teachers Client.)

Teaching is a calling, a noble profession, and it is sacred. I remembered when I was small, and my mother will threaten me that if I continue to misbehave, she will bring a cane to the school and ask my teacher to cane me. Scared the devil out of me, I behaved better. Now because parents do not respect Teachers, children also do not give a lot of respect to Teachers as well.

For those that are guilty of those terrible acts you did to our Teachers, you have many days during confinement to do reflections. Do not think you pay the school fee and you own the world. Paying school fee does not give you the right to disrespect Teachers. By the way, your children’s school fee is very heavily subsidised by our Government.

There is one thing I learn from studying Feng Shui. We all need a Teacher to bring us into the wisdom of this ancient metaphysics. No one will ever be successful without a Teacher, or should I put it this way; all successful people have Teachers.

So do not single-handedly annihilate your children’s future.

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