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Don't Take It For Granted!

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

'Young man, do not take it for granted.

I have been doing good business with your father, and we have been a great friend outside of business does not mean I have a relationship with you. '

When the second generation takes over the helm from their parents, it is always good to be humble and pay respect to all their business partners and start to build that relationship fast. It would be wise to build that relationship the moment you join the company.

I love the lecture a retiring father gave to his son that just returned from oversea and join his company. The son is earmarked to be groomed to be the next in line. Senior warned his son that many of their clients would tell this to his face: ‘I gave your father face and do business with him because we are friends, as for you; you are just another salesman like many at my door. ‘

Hence, no second generation should take for granted that what your father had is naturally yours. That relationship your father took time and effort to build is the road you need to walk alone. Regardless of how rich or powerful your father is, he cannot help you.

Unless you can prove your worth and build that relationship fast, be humble, you are out!

Start by watching your speech. When you visit your client or when a prospect enters your shop, that first few second of you opening your mouth will determine your faith.

There is a famous Cantonese saying: 问候的人少、得罪的人多! Few greetings, Offend More. This behaviour will never get you very far. I recalled a gentleman came with his mother to for my floor plan analysis. His mother is 70 plus years old fishmonger. He is a real estate agent.

Before our meeting, we had exchanged texts. I also received news from a few of my close Feng Shui Masters about receiving a text enquiry from a very rude prospect. They refused to return his message or see him or quoted him extremely high to deter his interest.

When I read his living surrounding, it was apparent he has the gift of the gap but at the same time rude. Tactless and impatient. So, when I finished the analysis of his mother’s health, he asked about his fortune. I turned to his mother and asked for permission to scold his son. The 70 plus years old lady said please master, do not hold back anything.

‘Your success is because you have the gift of the gap; your failure is also the fault of your cakehole. You can sell very well, but your mouth can equally create massive destruction to a people. ‘

Be mindful of what you said, and your life will be a splendid one.

Feng Shui is simply common sense if you like our style of approach to Feng Shui, visit us for a floor plan analysis to learn more about your property.

Quote of the day:

I shoot my big mouth off; it just pops up! I have to learn to edit myself.

-Marianne Faithfull-

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