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Uncle, How Much Is A Kilo Of Pride?

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

I was having lunch with James, a friend from my diploma days that I have not seen for many years. Over a nice bowl of Mee Pok, he asked me to read a man faces (Physiognomy) from his mobile phone. Between chewing on my delicious Mee Pok, I gave James my honest opinion.

I regret my decision to read that face while still having my meal because James started to mutter about his recent misfortune. He just had a second retrenchment, and it coincided with him becoming a father for the first time. Unable to secure a decent job; currently, he is working as a cleaner for his relative. (aka his boss aka the photo on his mobile phone)

As his complaining goes on, the Mee Pok does not seem to be very tasty anymore; the Coca-Cola tasted different too. I am beginning to be a little impatient and at the same time, wondering what is wrong with James? He is living in his past glory, and it seems to be clogging up his mind.

The last bit of his protest caught my attention. James said his dignified work was underpaid, and he withdrew the money from his bank and returned to his boss.

Wait a minute James, are you telling me you withdraw the $750 from your bank account and return to your boss? I asked.

Without missing a bit, James replied:’ Yes, I threw it onto his table and told him off. Since then, my boss knows that I am not a man of straw. I want to teach my boss that I am not a pushover, second-class employee.

I am curious if you are not doing the extra work, to who did your boss gave those jobs? I query.

Not realising he has lost out, James replied. ‘My boss gave all those shitty jobs to Colin; that guy has no pride and doesn’t know his rights. My boss keeps bullying him.

‘How long it takes to clean that five vehicles and how often do you get this type of work?’ I continue to question James, but the more I learned, the more I am infuriated.

‘About once a week, between five to ten vehicles. I could do five a day, it is hard work, and the skin on my fingers comes off after continuously cleaning five vehicles. But I am not willing to do it unless my boss is willing to pay me more.’ James said with egotism.

Dude, do you know you are missing out $750 to $1500 a week on top of your regular salary from these extra cleaning jobs because of your stupid ego? I am sure your new-born can use this extra income for milk powder, nappies, wet wipes, insurance policy etc.

I do not care if you break your finger while cleaning the automobiles. You are now a father, and you must work hard and bring the bacon home. Regardless of how bloody hard you must slog; father brings home the dough. That is how it works. Your new son does not care about your unjust and mistreatment or the skin on your fingers come out. He will not drink lesser milk because of it

Pride and ego do not put food on the table, in this challenging and uncertain time and when your luck is low; stop being an idiot. Chinese has a saying: ‘Come down and walk when your horse is dead.’ (马死落地行) Bite the bullet and press on, do not let your self-worth overrun you. Focus on providing for your family, and that is an honourable gesture.

Quote of the day:

None are so empty as those who are full of themselves.

-Benjamin Whichcote-

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image by pisauikan from Pixabay

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